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JVZoo Affiliate program - Referred Affiliates

JVZoo's affiliate program is called Referred Affiliates because you will be referring new affiliates to use our platform. When you sign up for JVZoo, you become an affiliate by default without having to request permission. When you create your account you are given a Referred Affiliate URL that leads to the new account registration page. This is the link you will use to promote the JVZoo platform. To find your Referral URL navigate to the My Account page and scroll down to the Affiliate Information section. 

In this section you can find your Affiliate ID number along with your statistics for the Referred Affiliate program. When you refer an affiliate to JVZoo and they begin promoting products you will earn 10 cents for every completed sale that affiliate makes.  You can calculate your referred affiliate earnings by clicking the Calculate Now link seen in the screenshot below. If clicking this link does not return any results then you have not yet earned any commissions on the affiliates that you have referred. Once the Referred Affiliates begin making sales you will begin earning commissions. The minimum payout on Affiliate Referrals is $100.



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