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Approving Affiliates for multiple products using Affiliate Sync

When you have more than one product on a sales page you can use Affiliate Sync to ensure your affiliates are approved for all products listed on one sales page.

Example: $17 personal edition, $37 developer edition and $67 MMR edition.

If you list all 3 products and have them in the Product Library then affiliates will only get paid for the products that they have specifically requested and been approved for.  They could easily miss that you have multiple products showing on the same page.

If you are not using a funnel, and have multiple buy buttons on one sales page then you will need to use Affiliate Sync to ensure that the affiliates receive credit for all purchases.  If you would like to learn more about how to set up a funnel with multiple buy buttons, please click here.

You can find Affiliate Sync by going to Sellers > Manage Affiliates > Affiliate Sync or by clicking here.

Next choose the product you want to sync affiliate from and to.  If you want to ignore custom commissions, if you have set any up, you MUST check the box.  If not any affiliates that you set up a custom commission for on the product that you are syncing from, they will receive that custom commission on the other product.  Click the orange "Sync Affiliates" button to save it. 


You may choose to list just one option in the Product Library and have all affiliates apply to promote that and then manually sync them to the others. This way you can easily identify which products and affiliates need syncing.

Please note if you are syncing an affiliate into the front end product of a funnel, you will need to also use the affiliate sync to approve them for all products in your funnel. 


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