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Product is not listed in the Public Marketplace

In the product editor you will find the option to list your product in the Public Marketplace. The Public Marketplace is a catalog of products currently for sale on JVZoo that are approved, available for sale, a minimum of $17, have a product image uploaded, have a product description of at least 50 characters and have a minimum of 25 sales.  You must make 25 sales to be included in the Public Marketplace.

To be considered for the JVZoo Public Marketplace, which can drive more traffic and sales to your products, check the box on the product edit page as shown here: Marketplace.jpg

By toggling this option, you agree and acknowledge that JVZoo may create a product detail page for the marketplace to be accessed by the “Learn More” button where information and a video about your product will be detailed. This page and video will show off the benefits and features of your product.
Checking this box, however, does not guarantee that a video review of your product will be listed in the public marketplace.  

The products included in the public marketplace are our highest quality and top selling products on JVZoo and must meet JVZoo Public Marketplace Standards.

You can view the products by category in the Public Marketplace.



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