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JV Contracts - Types of Contracts and getting started

JVZoo has made it possible for sellers to have JV Partners and manage the sales and payments from within JVZoo. Partners will share in the profits of all sales made for the products included in the contract.

To create a JV Contract, the seller needs to click on Seller Dashboard > Manage JV Contracts.

On this page, click "Create New" to create a new contract and enter the details. 

Once a user has created their affiliate account they are able to receive commissions.

The following are the different JV Contracts that are available:

  • % Profit Share- The JV will receive the given percent after the product has been sold and the affiliates have been paid.
  • % Price Share- The JV will receive the given percent right after the product has been sold.
  •  Flat Fee per Sale- The JV will receive a pre - determined amount for each sale that occurs.
  • % Affiliate Consultant (2nd Tier Affiliate) -  The Affiliate will receive a pre - determined percent for each product being sold.
  • Flat Fee Affiliate Consultant (2nd Tier Affiliate) - The Affiliate will receive a pre - determined amount for each product being sold.

Please note that you can only set up one contract for an affiliate for products that are in a funnel.  You can either set the contract for the funnel or you can set it for individual products, but not both as this would cause the affiliate to be paid twice on each transaction and you will see an error message as shown below:  


In addition, as many products utilize multiple payment processors, you may now assign a JV contract per payment processor.  Any boxed checked means that the JV will be credited when the customer checks out with that payment processor.  Please note when you add a new payment processor, it will automatically default that the JV is paid for that payment processor.  


All JV Commissions will be paid via JVZooPay when available. Any JV Commissions paid into a JVZooPay account are distributed according to the user's level of JVZooPay which is determined by their affiliate stats, not their JV stats, which may include a rolling reserve.  

JVZoo will NOT adjust JVZooPay levels or reserves for JV Agreements.

Once you are done, click the "Save Agreement" button.



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