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How to Request to be an Affiliate and Promote Products

In order to promote as an affiliate, you will first have to have approved products to promote.  You can do this by searching through the "find products" link under the affiliates tab.  Once you have found a product you wish to promote, click on the button marked "request".  A window will appear where you can write a brief note to the seller.  Click on submit when you are satisfied.

If you receive permission to be an affiliate for that product (you will receive an email), you can then go to your affiliates tab and click the "approved products" link.  That will show you the list of products you have been approved as an affiliate for.  Click on the button that says "get links" and your affiliate link for that product will be displayed.  This link is the one you will want to advertise on your site or send out in your emails to your customers.  Any purchase made by clicking on that link will then be credited to you.

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