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How Do I Release Delayed Commissions?

All delayed commissions will need to be paid manually within 90 days of the sale. You will be reminded via email, and with a message in your account when those payments are due.

To payout delayed commissions, hover over the Sellers tab in your account, and go to Transaction Payouts > Delayed Transaction Payouts (https://www.jvzoo.com/sellers/delayedcommissions). This page will show all affiliate commissions which have not been paid. Check off any transactions you would like to pay, and then click the "Pay Selected Sales" button.

Once an affiliate sale is made on delayed commissions, it will remain on delayed. When you change an affiliate to instant commissions, they will receive instant commissions from that point on. It will not go back and pay any commissions that the affiliate earned while on delayed commissions.

If you have payments stuck in the queue, they should go through within a few days. If they do not go through, you will be able to pay the commissions manually after 60 days by going to the “sellers” tab and then to “transactions payouts” and finally to “Manual Transaction Payout”

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