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Customer cancelled their own PayPal Preapproved payment plan

If a customer cancels a Preapproval directly in their PayPal account you will receive a notification from PayPal. 

When you receive a notification from Paypal, you then process the cancellation within JVZoo.  Locate the transaction and proceed with canceling the Preapproval. 

To cancel a Preapproval go to Sellers > Reports > Preapprovals or click here.  

If you are unaware that a customer cancelled a preapproval directly in Paypal you will be notified the next time a payment is due. When JVZoo attempts to process the next payment Paypal will then send back a notification to JVZoo stating that the Preapproval has been cancelled. This will cancel the Preapproval within JVZoo.

If a preapproved payment plan is cancelled and the customer wishes to reactivate it, they will need to purchase the product again. There is no way to reactivate or make changes to a cancelled preapproval.

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