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Granting JVZoo permissions to Paypal

Below is an explanation of the individual permissions and why the JVZoo platform needs certain information from your PayPal account.

Permission: Issue a refund for a specific transaction.

JVZoo uses PayPal's high end payment system known as Adaptive Payments. In order for PayPal to approve JVZoo to use their Adaptive Payments services, the JVZoo system must be able to process refunds for all transactions that it processes.  Payments are processed using “Chained Payments”. This means there are multiple people getting paid on each purchase.  In order for all parts of the Chained Payment to be refunded, the system must have refund access to your PayPal account.

NOTE - We can ONLY refund transactions or monies that were deposited into your Paypal account. There is no way to process a double refund.  Your account is completely protected.

Permission: Obtain information about a single transaction.

When orders are placed, sellers want the JVZoo system to notify their software of purchases and refunds. This allows for user accounts to be created instantly and without human interaction and also disabled on refund.  This is great for the customer because they get instant access to their purchases without any delay.

In order to pull this information, we must be able to pull the purchasers name and the product name from within PayPal.  To do that we need the ability to obtain that information from the transaction we placed in your PayPal account.

NOTE: We can ONLY pull transactions for those in which we have the PayPal transaction Id. Which again is ONLY the transactions that we put into your account.  It is impossible for us to see anything that we did not put there and have the transaction id for.  We CANNOT see or search your history or anything about your account.

Permission: Access your PayPal contact information.

You are granting us these permissions because they are required for JVZoo to be safe and secure for buyers and sellers.  However, the only way to verify that you have granted these permissions is for us to be able to poll your PayPal account for your name and PayPal address and compare it to what we have on file.  Yes, this is a very weird way to verify the permissions, but you can ask PayPal - it is the only way.

This permission allows us to verify that you have given us these permissions.  This is required so we can validate that every single user on the system is following the rules and allowing for the system to work as designed.

JVZoo has an impeccable reputation as a growing world class affiliate network.  We would not have tens of thousands of happy users if we did anything unethical or against PayPal rules.  PayPal has reviewed our system and personally approved our system.  We have their blessing and follow all of their rules - with these permissions we can make sure that all of our users do too.

We hope that this explains the permissions we are requesting to your PayPal account.  You can see the access is very limited and specific.  However, if you are still not comfortable with this and you do not trust that PayPal will verify everything stated here, then please do not use our system.  We are processing 1000s and 1000s of transactions a day for our users, but they must trust us for us to do this for them.

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