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It Says My Product Can't Be Sold Without Approval. How do I get my product approved?

A product that is over the vendor’s approved price limit will require manual approval of the product.

In order to be approved, you must have a JVZoo buy button and it must be able to be verified by the system.  You will find the buy button within your seller’s dashboard right behind the name of your product by clicking the green "Actions" button (You can see it in this image: http://www.screencast.com/t/0t2L34uoJI  )

Click on  the assorted buy buttons and pick one. It will be filled in with your price. Copy the HTML and place it where you want it on your sales page. The system will send out a bot to look at the sales page URL you have entered in your product editor, to view the code for that page.  If the button code is not found on that page, the system can not verify the buy button.

If your button won't verify, you may want to try putting a slash on the end of the URL of your sales page address.  If that does not work, try putting the entire address there, including the index.php or index.html  If this is a Wordpress site, you should be able to use index.php at the end of the URL and the button will verify.  In some cases, you will want to ensure you have the www in the front of the address.

You will also need to ensure that the product is open for sales.  At the top of your product editor, you will see a button for "Allow Sales".  If that is marked with a "no", your product can not be approved, simply because the system will require approval again once you have changed that.

Be sure that you have a sales page and delivery page or file listed as the system will not allow those without a sales page with a JVZoo buy button or a delivery page/uploaded file to be considered for approval.

Once you are sure all of the steps above are completed, open a ticket here on the support desk.  Be sure to include the exact name of your product, the ID number if possible, and any back stage access necessary.  Customer support will then look through your product to see if it can be approved.

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