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Getting a product approved for sales

All products must be reviewed and approved by the JVZoo Compliance Team before they can be sold.

To be approved, you must have a sales page with a verifiable JVZoo button and tracking pixel, along with a thank you page or delivery file giving the customer access to their purchase.

The JVZoo buy button must be verified by the system.  You will find the buy button within your seller’s dashboard right behind the name of your product by clicking the green "Actions" button (You can see it in this image: 


Choose from the assorted buy buttons and pick one. It will be filled in with your price. Copy the entire HTML code and place it where you want it on your sales page. The system will verify you have the correct code and buy buttons on your sales page.  If the code cannot be found, your product cannot be approved.

If your button won't verify, you may want to try putting a slash on the end of the URL of your sales page address.  If that does not work, try putting the entire address there, including the index.php or index.html  If this is a Wordpress site, you can use index.php at the end of the URL and the button will verify.  In some cases, you will want to ensure you have the www in the front of the address.

You will also need to ensure that the product is open for sales.  In the Product section of the editor, you will see drop-down under Product Status and can choose between Available to be purchased and Not available to be purchased. If you choose not to make your product available, it can not be approved, simply because the system will require approval again once you mark it as available for purchase.



Once you are sure all of the steps above are complete the product approval team will verify that you have completed your product setup

If your product is not approved, you will receive a notification in your seller's dashboard listing the changes that need to be made for approval. You will be redirected to the following link to make any necessary changes.


If you're unsure of how to address these items please open a ticket with support.  Please ensure that ticket has the following: 

Name of the product

Product ID

Specific trouble you're having



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