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How Do You Set Up A DimeSale?

In this tutorial video, you will learn how to make a dimesale (a sale in which the price of the product increases with the number of sales made). In addition there is a helpful guide in the attachment.

Just in case you would like to see the math wrote out on how to do a dimesale we have created an example for you below.

So, if you have already made 30 sales, and you want the price to go up $1 every 5 sales, but want your starting price to be $40, you need to figure it this way:

Number of total sales already made (30) divided by number of sales per raise (5) = 6 (number of times the price would have gone up.)

Number of times the price would have raised (6) times the amount the price would have been raised ($1) = total amount the price went up ($6)

Price you wish to start at ($40) minus price the dimesale went up by ($6) = current starting price ($34)

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