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How do I set my Paypal account to accept USD?

The default setting for purchases through JVZoo is in US Dollars.  In order to collect sales in USD, you must first set your Paypal account to accept USD as a currency.  You must also keep a balance in USD.


In order to set your Paypal account to accept USD sales, you will want to log into the Paypal account you have set to collect sales.  You will then click on the “My Account” tab.  On the submenu that comes up, you will click on “Profile”.  When the next page comes up, click the link on the left side of the page that says “My Money”.  This will open up a menu on the right.  Go down to section that reads “Balance” and click on the “More” button.  This opens up a dropdown menu, where you will want to select “Currencies”.


On the “Manage Currencies” page that comes up, you will see a dropdown box.  You will want to choose “US Dollars” from that dropdown menu, then click the “Add Currency” button right next to it.


Once you have completed this, your Paypal account is now ready to accept payments in USD.

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