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How to set up tracking IDs

JVZoo allows you to add tracking IDs, also known as TIDs, to the end of your links.

If you are running multiple promotions for a product in many places, such as Facebook, websites, or an email list, you can keep track of where your traffic is coming from by using tracking IDs. JVZoo tracks clicks, but not referral pages.

By using tracking IDs, you can now track this on your own.

You may want to promote in many places, such as websites, the Warrior Forum, Facebook, and an email list.  Because JVZoo keeps track of clicks but not referral pages, you may want a way to tell which promotion the sales are coming from.  

Tracking IDs are short descriptions, up to 24 characters long and can only include lowercase letters and numbers.  They cannot include punctuation marks or symbols.

After you decide on the tracking code you want to use you'll need to add it to the end of your affiliate link like this:   /?tid=trackingcodeyoucreate.

example: http://www.jvzoo.com/c/3522/3665/?tid=trackingcodeyoucreate 

Once you add this code to the end of your affiliate link JVZoo will track the link. You can see how many sales came from your promotion on the Affiliate Transactions page.

Sellers can also use tracking ID's. Instead of TID use VTID and append the button code.

example:<a href="https://www.jvzoo.com/b/0/2881346/1/?vtid=trackingcodeyoucreate"><img src="https://i.jvzoo.com/0/2881346/1" alt="alt textl" border="0" /></a>

Sellers can see the results of promotions on the Detailed Sales statistics for any product. You can find your Detailed sales by navigating to the Seller Dashboard and selecting the 3 dots next to the desired product. 

These numbers are only visible to you, and are not available to sellers (or affiliates as the case may be).

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