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Integrate WishList Member with JVZoo.com

Follow the steps below to have WishList and JVZoo.com fully integrated.

  1. Login to JVZoo.com and go to the edit product page in JVZoo for the product you want to integrate.
  2. Click or scroll to Advanced Settings. Check the box for "Add a Wishlist Integration". Enter the full URL of your WordPress installation into the "WishList Member API URL" field.
  3. In the "WishList Member API Key" field, under the same section, enter in your WishList Member API key.  Your WishList API Key can be found by logging into WishList and navigating to the Settings->Miscellaneous tab.  
  4. After entering in your WishList API URL and API Key, the drop down for levels will populate. Select the level you wish to assign to your product.  
  5. Done!

If you had WishList Integration set up previous to 05/2018, the existing integration will remain in place until you create a new integration as explained above. The old method of WishList integration made use of the Thank You/Download Page URL setting. You will not be able to edit the old integration from this point on. Any changes to existing integrations will be done with this new system, where the download page is no longer needed and will be removed along with the JVZIPN URL.

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