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Integrate WishList Member with JVZoo.com

Follow the steps below to have WishList and JVZoo.com fully integrated.

  1. Login to WishList. Go to Integration tab, then select "ClickBank" as the system.  Hopefully WishList will give us our own tab one day.
  2. Set the "Secret Word" (WishList Step 2) to be your JVZIPN Secret Key in My Account. Make sure to set it in ALL CAPS
  3. Go to the edit product page in JVZoo for the product you want to integrate.
  4. Put the URL from WishList Step 1 into the "Thank You Page" URL for your product.
  5. Check the box above the Thank You page url that says "Pass parameters to Download Page"
  6. Put the URL from WishList Step 1 into the "JVZIPN URL" field under External Program Integration Method #1 (lower right side)
  7. Select WishList from JVZIPN Special Integration also under External Program Integration Method #1
  8. Look at the URLs that they provide you and notice the "?sku=0123456789" at the end of the URLs if using ClickBank.  Take the sku number part and add it to the field labeled: "Wishlist SKU"
  9. Done!

If you are using the updated version of Wishlist, you will see that the ClickBank tab no longer allows you to get the SKU.  You will want to click on the "generic" tab to get the sku number needed. You will also want to replace the clickbank secret key with the one you create for yourself inside JVZoo on the My Accounts Tab. All other instructions are carried out as described above on the "Clickbank" tab.

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