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Process a refund

When a customer requests a refund, follow the steps below:

Go to Sellers > Reports > Transactions Reports

  • Search for the transaction by Paypal Transaction ID, Customer Email, Coupon Code, or JVZoo Payment ID
  • Click on the Transaction Number to be taken to the Detailed Sales page.
  • Click the "Refund "button.
  • Enter "REFUND" to confirm and click "Confirm Refund"

If the customer filed a dispute in PayPal without contacting you and you want to proceed with the refund follow these steps:

  • Go to the dispute and refund the purchase to close the dispute.
  • Go to JVZoo
  • Go to the Transaction Search and locate the purchase
  • Click the red "Refund This Sale" button
  • Enter "REFUND" to confirm and click "Confirm Refund"
  • This will give you a warning that the refund failed, but you can do a "Partial Refund". Do the partial refund by entering "REFUND" and clicking "Confirm Refund".  For more information on partial refunds, click here

The Partial Refund will refund all money paid to JVZoo, affiliates and JVs.

Below is a video tutorial showing you the steps to process a refund.

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