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How Can Pro Plan Work For My Business

Since we launched the new JVZoo Pro Plan we’ve gotten a few questions about how it works. 

Some have specifically asked; why would you cancel all your affiliates on a product that makes regular affiliate sales? The short answer is… you obviously wouldn’t!

What we saw happening was that people would launch their product on JVZoo to tap into our hundreds of thousands of active affiliates and their own regular affiliates…

Then after launch week, they would list their product on a smaller network in order to get zero fee sales. Most often this meant maintaining two listings on two networks and has led to a lot of issues with broken links, wrong buttons and confused customers.

What we wanted to do was give you the ability to do everything inside JVZoo, and cheaper than you currently can on any other network.

The JVZoo Pro Plan is $87/mo and that covers your entire account, no matter how many products you have, now or in the future.

With the Pro Plan you get the option to enable the flat fee structure for any of your qualifying products. 

That’s the key… you don’t have to do it for a product - you get the option to do it!

We want to give you full control and the ability to make the choices that are most profitable for your business.

There’s obviously a tradeoff at play here and both options have their benefits.

Firstly you can run a product as you normally would on JVZoo. Nothing will change for that product. You continue to pay the standard processing fee to JVZoo, and in return you can have unlimited affiliates promoting your product.

Every new product will start out this way. You can’t even enable the flat fee plan for a product until it’s been on the market for at least 35 days and has made at least 5 unique affiliate sales.

Now, if you switch an eligible product to the flat fee structure, all existing affiliates will be unable to promote this product (after a grace period of 3 days). However, you can manually whitelist up to 3 affiliates who can promote this product (and these can be changed every 30 days).

The benefit here is obviously that you won’t pay any processing fees to JVZoo, adding another 5% profit straight to your pocket and the tradeoff is fewer affiliates (at a time).

The choice is yours and you know best what works for your business, but here are some ideas for  when it could be beneficial to use either option.

Standard Fee Structure

  • During your launch when you want as many affiliates promoting as possible.
  • During a relaunch or special promo for a product when you want affiliates promoting
  • Any products you have that have regular affiliate sales 

Flat Fee Structure

  • After launch, if no or few affiliates are promoting your product
  • For products that you sell internally to your own lists and members
  • Big ticket webinars where you maybe have a couple of affiliates doing big pushes every month
  • Products that you run paid advertising to yourself.

And there are many more scenarios, where one is better than the other. But just to make it clear there is a tradeoff here…

As you know, having hundreds of affiliates actively promoting your product can be insanely powerful

But so can instantly adding an extra 5% profit to each sale you make… this is the kind of margin increase that can turn a mediocre Facebook campaign into a long term money printer.

A $87/mo JVZoo Pro Plan gives you the option to save thousands of dollars in processing fees, while also giving you the freedom to use it where it makes sense in your business.

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