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Introducing JVZoo's New Pro Plan


I’m really excited to announce a brand new feature here at JVZoo..

One that can save you a lot of time and frustration…

Not to mention, keep a lot of money where it belongs… in your pocket.

You now have the opportunity to sell unlimited copies of your products - while paying ZERO processing fees to us.

Yes… you heard that right.

With the brand new JVZoo Pro Plan, you’ll pay a flat fee of just $87 per month.In return you will be able to sell as many copies of your product as you can, using all the JVZoo features you normally rely on… but with zero fees.

Yep, you’ll never pay us a single cent more than $87 per month

Not even if you sell thousands of copies of your product!

Why are we doing this?

We have noticed that some of our product vendors will launch their products on JVZoo in order to take advantage of our hundreds of thousands of active affiliates.

And when their launch week is over, they will list their products on smaller networks in order to save on processing fees.

This creates quite a few headaches… trying to maintain multiple sales and support channels… keeping track of who bought what, where etc.

And we’ve seen quite a few products getting delisted due to mixed up order buttons and the like.

So we thought… why not give you the choice… and the ability to keep everything easy, and in one place?

And choice is the keyword here.

You can choose to take advantage of this… or you can carry on using JVZoo as you always have.

And if you choose to go Pro… you’re still in full control.

Your $87 Pro Plan covers your entire account - including all future qualifying products…However, you can enable your flat, zero processing fee option on a product by product basis.

Use it where it makes sense to you and leave some products running like normal when that’s your best option.

This new feature can save you a lot of hassle and headaches… and save you thousands of dollars in fees.

But perhaps the best thing… We’ve decided to price your Pro Plan cheaper than any other network currently does.

So click the link below to read more about it and to enable JVZoo Pro Plan on your account - and start saving big when you sell more.

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How Can Pro Plan Work For My Business

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