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How to set up your Stripe with JVZooPay account

JVZoo now offers a Stripe integration that works with JVZooPay.  To set up your Stripe with JVZooPay integration go to My Account > Payment Profiles or click here.

Scroll down to the Stripe with JVZooPay option and click “Configure”


Next, click “Connect your Stripe Account”


You will either get the Stripe login screen or this one – either login or click “Sign In”


Once you sign in you will be sent back to the Payment Profiles page and  you are all set.  Next, you will need to enable this payment processor on your products.  You can enable it on all your products by clicking the “Use For All Products” button as shown here:  


Or you can set it on specific products by clicking the edit button next to that product and checking the Stripe with JVZooPay option under the Payment Options section.  In addition, you will need to uncheck the Stripe option



All Stripe payments will be handled as normal but all JVZoo fees, affiliate commissions, JV commissions, etc. will be pulled out as an “Application Fee” and placed in the appropriate JVZooPay accounts.

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