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JVZoo Messaging Center

JVZoo now offers sellers a way for customers to contact them directly within their JVZoo account through the new Messaging Center.

Once a Seller enables this feature on their account, their customers will be able to contact them within JVZoo by clicking the "Need Help" button displayed on their Purchase Details page for your product as shown here:


When the “Need Help” button is clicked, the new message center will appear and your customer will be able to message you for product assistance or concerns. 

If a customer messages you, you will receive a notification within your JVZoo Seller account as shown here:


Clicking on the notification will take you to the Message Center where you can view the message from your customer and reply to them. You can also navigate to the Message Center by clicking on the envelope icon at the top right of your screen. 

Once in the Message Center, you will be able to view messages from your customers as shown here:


Clicking on a message will display the transaction ID, the customer's email and the message they have sent in regards to that specific purchase.


To respond to the customer, click the "Reply" button. If you wish to refund the purchase, simply click the transaction ID and you will be taken to the refund page within your JVZoo Seller account.

If needed, you may escalate a message/ticket to JVZoo by simply clicking the "JVZoo Support" button. Doing this will open a support ticket with JVZoo in our help desk, not in the message center, and allow JVZoo to see the contents of the message thread and take any necessary additional actions that may be required.


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