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Messenger Integrations - We’re super excited to announce integrations with both Slack and Fleep for Customers, as well as Affiliates. Most of you are familiar with Slack, however Fleep not only allows instant messaging, but also works synergistically with emails. You can add Affiliates or Customers to a Fleep team/conversation with their email address - and they will receive all messages as normal emails. Imagine how easy communicating with your customers of a product or your affiliates prior to a launch will be when you begin using these Messenger Integrations!

(With this release we introduce the concept of affiliate integrations which have been highly requested. There’s much more exciting news to come on this topic - stay tuned!)

Payout Breakdowns for Vendors. You’ll now be able to see full breakdowns on the transaction details with the EXACT message from the payment processor. You’ll no longer need to open a support ticket to find out why you’re receiving partial refund messages, or your payment isn’t properly processing.

As always, we’re constantly improving and adding features to better help you manage your business.

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