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Compliance Checks

Every product added to the JVZoo product library must be reviewed by the JVZoo Compliance team before it can be sold on the platform.  The Compliance team reviews the sales page to insure that it meets with JVZoo standards and is FTC compliant.  You will receive an email at the address you use to log in to your account with information in regards to what needs to be corrected before it can be approved.  In addition, you will receive a notification stating “Warning:  You have products requiring  attention.” in your JVZoo account on your Seller’s Dashboard.  


You will need to click on take action and respond to the checklist items.  Once completed, you can then resubmit your products for review.

In addition, you can now add notes to your product that will be sent to the Compliance team when they review your product.  These notes can be found in the product editor under the Compliance tab.  Here is where you can provide your login details and any specific instructions on how the product can be accessed for review.


The Compliance team can also send notes back to the seller of what exactly needs to be corrected in order to get the product approved.  You can find the note from the Compliance team in your email as shown here:


In addition, the Compliance team performs daily spot checks on random products.  If your product is chosen, it will be reviewed to insure it meets with JVZoo standards and is FTC compliant. NOTE: If your product is taken down by Compliance, it does prevent new sales from taking place until the needed corrections are made.  However, it does not negatively impact recurring payments.

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