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How To Set Up a WebiMate

To add a WebiMate go to Sellers > Manage WebiMates and then click Create A Webinar.


Then fill in your Video URL, Webinar Title and Registration Page Headline.  The registration page headline is what your potential registrants will see when registering for your webinar.  Currently, we only support Vimeo, YouTube and direct file links on mp4 for videos.  Video URL links will look like the following:

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

Vimeo:  https://vimeo.com/193618038

Direct MP4:  https://s3.amazonaws.com/webimatedemo/example.mp4 


Then select the product you wish to promote during the webinar and enter the Product Buy Button Title.  NOTE:  This product must already be completely set up using our Product Edit page, have a product image, a minimum price of $147 and be approved for sale.  Next, select what time in the webinar you would like the buy button to be displayed.  


Next, enter your Webinar Topic Title and Topic  Description.  We recommend that you add 3 topics. Webinar Topics are to help inform the user, who is signing up, what the webinar will be about. Under each topic you will want to write a short description. To add more topics, click “Add More”.  If you wish to remove a topic, simply click “Remove.”


Then you will enter the Presenter’s Name and Presenter’s Image URL, which must be hosted by the Vendor. If you have more than one presenter, you may click “Add More” to add additional presenters.  If you wish to remove a presenter, simply click “Remove.”


Next, enter the date and time that you would like the Webinar to start.  Please be sure to enter the date in the following format:  year-month-day hour:minutes:seconds.  Remember JVZoo operates on EST, so please enter your time for EST.  If you do not enter a date and time, your webinar will be available on demand.


Then you have the option to set up Emails to be sent out once a Customer registers for your webinar.  You can set up the following emails:  Registration Confirmation Email, 2 Days Till Webinar, 1 Day Till Webinar, Day of Webinar and 1 Hour Till Webinar.  For each email, enter your subject line and body.  If you leave a subject line and body empty, no email will be sent.



Once you have completed all of the above, please be sure to check the box that you agree to the terms and conditions.  JVZoo charges an additional commission fee of 2.5% for the use of WebiMate.  Then simply click “Save.”


To manage your WebiMate once it is set up go to Sellers > Manage WebiMate.  Here you can delete or edit your webinar.  In addition, you can view the Registrants and Chat for each webinar.  


Below is a video on How To Set Up a WebiMate. 

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