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WebiMate Webinars are top quality, high ticket webinars that are included in your JVZoo at no cost.  WebiMate enables Vendors and Affiliates to harness the power of pre-recorded, automated webinars for both pre-scheduled, one-time events as well as evergreen or “on demand” events.

The requirements for a WebiMate Webinar are the following:  The Vendor must upload an image of 150x150 and the product must be a minimum of $147.

WebiMate makes it easy for Vendors with high ticket webinar offers to gain more daily exposure. By uploading your webinar replay video to WebiMate, just like you would a JVZoo product, this will allow JVZoo product launchers to add your offer to their funnel.  It also makes it possible for Affiliates to promote high ticket items that they otherwise might not be able to do.

As an Affiliate you will be able to find profitable webinars to promote in the WebiMate library. From there all you will have to do is pick the webinar you wish to promote, select the date and time, and simply plugin your follow up emails. With help from WebiMate all of your customers will be automatically added to the automated webinar.

For more information on how to set up a WebiMate, click here.



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