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Lifetime Products

As of November 22, 2017, JVZoo will no longer allow lifetime products.  Use of the word “lifetime” in sales copy can be a source of confusion for consumers. The lack of clarity surrounding the definition or application of whose “life” measures the coverage of warranty/guarantee can make it difficult to determine the intentions of the seller, frequently resulting in customers who are confused, frustrated, and unsatisfied.

In an effort to resolve this issue for consumers of the JVZoo marketplace, we will no longer allow products to use “lifetime” on sales pages. We strongly recommend that sellers choosing to include “lifetime” promises in their swipes or promotional emails clarify this term to the consumer in accordance with guidelines provided by the FTC (www.ftc.gov).

If your product was listed on our site and included “lifetime” access, warranties, guarantees, or promises prior to November 22, 2017, we recommend that you review your sales page and remove these promises.  We will be flagging products with “lifetime” as they are reviewed with spot checks.  If your product is flagged, you will need to remove the lifetime warranty, guarantee or access.  

The only exception that will be made is that we will allow pre-existing branded products that include lifetime as part of their name that were listed on the platform prior to November 22, 2017.  If you would like to request approval for new branded products that include lifetime as part of the name, please contact our support team with a special request for review.  No other exceptions will be made.  

To reiterate what we have just stated, please note: Our compliance team, in an effort to improve customer communication and satisfaction, will no longer approve sales pages including “lifetime” access, warranties, guarantees, or promises.


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