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Understanding Slack & Fleep - Differences & Setup

JVZoo now allows product owners to integrate Slack and Fleep messaging services into their products. Slack, built for teams, helps team members work in channels, both private and public. Fleep, on the other hand, is built for individuals and allows users to create and manage conversations and the people involved in them (both via the Fleep website and email).


Within a Slack team, there can be many different conversations going on. Slack users can be added or removed from these “channels” as needed (with the #general channel being a must for all users). Once a vendor has integrated their Slack account with JVZoo, they will be able to assign products to one or many channels on a customer or affiliate level. Private and Public channels alike are allowed. Note: Since the #general channel is mandatory for all users, it is removed from the list of possible channels on the Product Edit page.

On “Customer Integration”, customers who purchase the product will be automatically sent an invite to the channel(s) the vendor specifies. If they are not Slack users already, they will also be sent an invite to join Slack, and will be added to the appropriate channel(s) after sign-up.

On “Affiliate Integration”, affiliates will be added to the selected Slack channels when they are approved for that product.


Fleep works similarly, without the “team” aspect. It also works directly with emails, so people who are added to conversations do not necessarily need a Fleep account to participate. There are no “private” or “public” conversations. When a user creates a Fleep account, they have a private direct conversation with support staff. Some users may even use Fleep as a minimalistic email client. Because of this, JVZoo will only pull in conversations that have been set with a Topic (to avoid pulling in unnecessary conversations). If you are trying to integrate a Fleep conversation and can’t find it listed on the Product Edit page, make sure that the conversation has a Topic set.

How to Use the Messaging Integrations


Slack: You must be the admin of the team you want to integrate

Fleep: You must have an account 

Integrate Your Account 



For step by step instructions click here.

Here is a video tutorial that shows you how to integrate Slack or Fleep into your JVZoo account.

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