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JVZoo Pro Plan Terms

A product listed on JVZoo becomes eligible for the Pro Plan with a fixed monthly rate 35 days after the product has launched and made at least 5 unique affiliate sales.  Test sales will not count towards the unique affiliate sales criteria. All previous sales for the product(s), if recurring, will remain on the 5% + affiliate commission payout schedule as per the product setup at the time of the sale.


The Pro Plan model will be billed at a monthly rate or every 30 days for the going rate on JVZoo. As of February 2023, the service rate is $87 per month/per account for unlimited eligible products to be listed on Pro Plan; however, this price will be subject to change at the sole discretion of JVZoo. We will notify users at least five (5) calendar days before any changes are made in billing.


A product or an entire sales funnel selected to be placed in the Pro Plan program upon availability will have all of its affiliate relationships cleared. Any previous affiliate links provided will become inactive.  At this point in time, the product name will be locked and unavailable for changes without reaching out to JVZoo’s helpdesk. The product(s) will be unavailable for affiliates to find or request approval to promote.  Affiliates that have previously promoted this product or been provided affiliate links will be notified that the product(s) are no longer available for affiliate promotion and they will have a grace period of three (3) days to cease promoting the product. During this grace period, any affiliate sales made from previously approved links will pay out at the initial commission rate.


Every 30 calendar days, the seller’s account  will have three (3) affiliate links available for assignment. These links may be used for private promos and/or webinars run for select/assigned affiliates. Each affiliate link will not be able to be changed for 30 calendar days. The affiliate(s) selected for one of these (3) links will be notified both upon assignment and termination of the links availability.   Note: The available links are for the entire account, not on a per product basis.  Commissions for the enabled affiliate links are set per affiliate as per usual which can be located under Approved Products here.


JVZoo/BBC Systems and its affiliated companies retains the right to promote all Pro Plan products as an affiliate. If a product owner wishes for JVZoo to promote the product as an affiliate in either their newsletter or Product of the Day email, the product owner may select the make product eligible for Product of the Day checkbox when setting up or editing their product.


If a product owner chooses to make their product a Pro Plan product, they agree to pay the monthly fee in full at the beginning of each billing cycle. The product owner must put a credit card down for monthly billing and is responsible for updating their credit card information as needed. If JVZoo is unable to bill the credit card on file, JVZoo will notify the product owner via the JVZoo notification center, halt JVZooPay payments and will give the product owner three (3) calendar days to update their billing information. If the product owner has not updated their billing information at the end of the three (3) days, JVZoo will attempt to collect the funds from the product owner's JVZooPay wallet. If JVZoo is unable to collect the Pro Plan monthly funds from the JVZooPay user account, the product will immediately be placed back on the 5% fee per sale rate and a charge for the missed sales will be added to the seller’s account.


There are no refunds for the flat rate program . By opting into this program, you agree that there will be no refunds, and you will not dispute or chargeback any of the monthly fees. If a dispute or chargeback is placed on a monthly fee in association with the Pro Plan program, JVZoo reserves the right to place all account holder’s JVZooPay funds on “hold” (to not distribute to the user) until the dispute is resolved in JVZoo’s favor and any associated fees are paid to JVZoo, to retain all JVZooPay affiliate earnings from the product owner if the dispute is not resolved in JVZoo’s favor, and to remove the option to place further products into the Pro Plan program.

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